Friday, 24 February 2017

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture During Winter

It's winter season and it is a season to worry if you have a lot of outdoor furniture at your home. Here are some easy tips that will help you in maintaining your outdoor furniture during the winter season.
Make a Plan
Is there enough space to store all your outdoor furniture? If not which selected furniture has to be placed inside? How to store others? You should plan all these well in advance. Without a proper plan, you may mess up things!
Wrap it in Tarpaulin
If you don't have space inside you can wrap your furniture in a tarpaulin or any other water-resistant garden furniture cover and place it outside. But it is important to make sure that the Tarpaulin is dry and clean. Also, wrap up with a water shedding pole so that even if water or moisture gets in there is a space to circulate air and it gets dried up on its own. This way we get rid of moss and mildew issues. You should also make sure that you use quality covers that can cope up with the windy conditions.
Avoid Wet surfaces
Your garden grasses will be wet during winter. If you have placed any furniture over grass then shift it to a dry surface. Otherwise, your furniture will get fragile and there is a danger that it may break down while using it.
Apply Sealant
If you are using wooden furniture then you can use sealant on it so to protect it from moisture during the winter season.
Keep them indoor
If you have placed cushions or covers on your outdoor garden chairs, then take it indoor. It is not wise enough to place it outside, as such cloth material if exposed to moisture can grow molds and mildew on it.
Metal furniture
If it is painted metal furniture then you must repaint it before winter. Paint can protect furniture from winter an extent. But it is always advised to store all tour outdoor metal furniture indoor as it has more chances of rusting.
Garden Parasols
Clean your parasols gently with a sponge and store it safe inside. The windy cold atmosphere is not suitable for parasols.
Arrange your Garage
Clean your garage. Throw away or burn the unwanted stuff. Arrange them properly as you have to make room for storing in your outdoor furniture. Managing space is very important here. Also, you have to clean your outdoor furniture before keeping it. If it is wet molds and mildews may damage it.