Friday, 24 February 2017

The Benefits of Using a Natural Toothpaste

Our world is full of products that are filled with "man-made" chemicals, toothpaste often is a target for unhealthy and unnecessary ingredients. However, even though some of these ingredients have been proven to be harmful to your oral and overall health, natural toothpaste seems to have a bad reputation for being "less than" when it comes to cleaning your teeth. Let us put your mind at ease, the benefits of natural toothpaste can and will tackle the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, without the added "nonsense."
Since "traditional" toothpaste is easy to find, many people are quick to speculate why anyone would be interested in seeking an alternative. The truth is, it is not necessarily about what a natural toothpaste lacks, but what kind of harmful ingredients, an over the counter toothpaste, does not lack. Such as:
Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)
This is a detergent that is found in many shampoos. Sure, it can clean your lovely locks, but is it the right choice to tackle bacteria in the mouth? It is the ingredient that gives toothpaste its foaming ability. It can be irritating to the skin and cause canker sores, especially to anyone who is already prone to them.
The sweet taste of over the counter toothpaste (everyone loves that minty fresh feeling) comes from the ingredient saccharin. When tested on lab rats it has been proven to cause kidney cancer. This is the main reason it is rarely used in food today. So, why would you want it to be part of your dental routine?
Although fluoride has proven to fight cavities, in high doses, it is toxic and can cause mottled teeth from overexposure. It has also been linked to learning disabilities among young children. Not so fun fact: one common way of making fluoride is by filtering airborne-industrial waste that is produced by fertilizer businesses. Yikes.